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Established in 2005, Umedic is a company which specializes in the area of providing healthcare and medical devices to hospitals and clinics in Singapore and other Asian countries.

Having worked in the healthcare industry for many years, Irene felt that she wanted to expand her scope of work into the area of the arts and design. Irene expressed that there was a lack of opportunity for her to utilize her talents in design and arts. Nevertheless, due to her love and passion for this area, she persevered and managed to customize intelligent and user friendly solutions (using her design capability) for material handling projects in many hospitals.

The ability to provide hospital equipment is a humbling experience. This is solely because these equipment are used by the sick and the needy, and, as such, it is often the equipment providers and importers who determine the quality standard of such healthcare equipment.

When asked about the main reason for going into the world of entrepreneurship, Irene mentioned that she was motivated to start up her own business as she was encouraged by many of her friends to do so.

The road of entrepreneurship was not exactly smooth sailing for Irene.
Right from the beginning, Umedic encountered the problem of finding a suitable office space due to a lack of funding. In addition, the company also had some difficulty in gaining a stable customer base as it was a relative newcomer to the industry. Furthermore, the company also faced challenges in finding reliable and suitable business partners who would deliver the goods.

However, the team at Umedic never gave up and continued to persevere in the face of adversity. It was through their persistence and perseverance that Umedic was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, Umedic is the master distributor of Provita Lighting & IV Pole Systems and Hammerlit Material Handling & Transportation Systems from Germany. Irene stated that it is “knowing what you want” and actually setting pragmatic ways to realize your goals. The solution is very simple, but often times, people tend to forget or neglect the fact that mental tenacity is of the utmost importance. “

Plans of expansion are on the cards, as Umedic plans to expand its area of business in the Asian region, in particular, Taiwan. In addition, it is also one of Umedic’s main objectives to manufacture its own in-house products, under the “Umedic” brand name, to further support the healthcare industry and those seeking healthcare services.

When asked to talk about some of Umedic’s proudest business achievements to date, Irene mentioned that she is extremely pleased that the company is able to export some of its own customized products to neighboring countries such as, Malaysia and Brunei. Additionally, Umedic was able to attract knowledgeable and skillful individuals, who share the same goal of wanting to provide the best services to customers, to join its workforce.

Irene stated that entrepreneurship is the ability to be creative and focused at the same time. “Focus on what you want and what you love to do”, said Irene. Clearly, this is evident in the company’s ethos of serving its customers with passion and dedication. The recipe for success is clearly that the Umedic Team does not regard any of its services as work, but rather, the staff render all their services with their heart.

Irene also elaborated that commitment, responsibility, and willingness to learn are the most important traits that a successful business person should possess. She explained that these three traits should be the main ingredients of a true recipe of success, as an individual who possesses these traits would be able to weather through any crisis and emerge stronger, without ever having any urge to give up and quit.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Irene says that one must always have a firm sense of planning in mind in order for a company to function in the long term. She said, “Being careful in making choices”, is absolutely vital in the world of business. In addition, she is also a strong advocate of being courageous and gutsy. She went on the highlight that one must always be brave to try out new things, as this is the only way to learn and grow.

Evidently, Umedic is not your typical workplace, as it is a dynamic company, with a deep passion and dedication to provide the best services for those in need. Apparently, that is the reason for the company’s success, and by continuing its business in this manner, it will continue to ride the wave of success for a long time to come.

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